The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) exposed on Tuesday October 25th its annual report “Out of the starting blocks – Tracking progress on corporate climate action”.

The CDP rewarded fourteen French companies for their commitment to act on climate by decarbonizing their activites and communicate transparently on their climate strategy. Within this “Climate A” list, EcoAct worked with two major companies for their responses to the CDP’s survey: L’Oréal and Renault.

  • “We are very proud of this renewed recognition that encourages us to go further and to accelerate L’Oréal’s transition to a low carbon business”, said Jean-Paul Agon, Chairman and CEO of L’Oréal.
  • “We’re honoured to achieve the maximum A rating in acknowledgement of our commitment to countering global warming. […] Through ongoing innovation in electric vehicles, involving greatly extended travel range for example, we’re advancing toward our goal of lasting and substantial reduction in our carbon footprint,”announced Jean-Philippe Hermine, Groupe Renault VP, Strategic Environmental Planning.

At EcoAct, we are particularly proud to work with these two major companies, leaders of climate action. EcoAct is the only French company accredited by the CDP and worked with L’Oréal and Renault on their response to the CDP. EcoAct also works with Atos, which was rewarded by the CDP and integrated the Climate A list, on their carbon neutrality strategy.

  • We are very proud to have worked with Renault and L’Oréal on their response to the CDP. This report underlines that more and more companies are on the low-carbon path: 85% have CO2 reduction goals and 29% use carbon pricing. Furthermore our clients and prospects express a growing need for a global approach of their carbon strategy. Business decarbonization involves changing business as usual, and beyond some tools such as carbon pricing,  to reconsider corporate business models“, states Thierry Fornas, President of EcoAct.

EcoAct is the official offset partner of the CDP event. The CDP is also member of the Climate Club, an EcoAct initiative.

Read the full CDP report here.

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