In partnership with EcoAct, Gold Standard has launched Gold Standard for the Global Goals, a next-generation standard to accelerate progress toward the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals.

a next-generation standard to accelerate progress toward the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals
Gold Standard for the Global Goals is set to help those who fund life-changing climate and development projects around the world – including corporates, impact investors and government bodies – measure the full range of benefits they have contributed to and report credible, verified impacts to their customers and other stakeholders.

Established by WWF in 2003, Gold Standard has long set the best practice benchmark for climate interventions, ensuring the highest levels of environmental integrity and sustainable development for projects in carbon markets. Now with new, ambitious and interconnected climate and development agendas, Gold Standard will certify a range of independently-verified SDG Impacts in addition to its flagship carbon credits in a bid to accelerate progress toward climate security and sustainable development.

Marion Verles, Chief Executive Officer of Gold Standard, said: “If we are to keep global warming well below 2oC and meet the Sustainable Development Goals, climate action must be holistic and high-impact, helping the world develop on a sustainable pathway. The SDGs are becoming a huge priority for a range of public and private sector organisations, but accurately measuring and reporting progress has presented a major challenge. Our new standard quantifies and certifies the many additional benefits Gold Standard projects deliver beyond carbon mitigation – for example by providing access to clean energy and water, creating jobs, improving health or protecting natural habitats – providing those who run or fund projects with new opportunities to measure and report their impact.

All projects certified under Gold Standard for the Global Goals must contribute to at least three SDGs. Enhanced safeguards and local stakeholder engagement ensure that gender equality (SDG 5) and the protection of water access (SDG 6) are at the heart of every project, while also protecting project supporters against accusations of ‘green-washing’.

Thierry Fornas, President of EcoAct Group, said: “At EcoAct, we see the Gold Standard for the Global Goals as a game changer to create an inclusive market for actors who may be more focused on other SDGs beyond carbon reductions. By measuring and accounting impacts such as health and wellbeing or women’s empowerment, companies and organizations can contribute to the SDGs while also promoting the transition to a low carbon economy.”


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