Who are we?

EcoAct works with multinationals, institutions and the public sector to implement carbon strategies, CSR policies and eco-innovation approaches.

Awarded “Worldwide Best Advisory Service” by Environmental Finance in 2015, EcoAct imagines, develops and manages creative solutions to transform societal and environmental issues into performance levers for our clients (carbon management and strategies, IT platforms, feasibility studies, carbon programmes, etc.).

Recognised as one of the world’s leading experts in this area, EcoAct provides consulting services and support to climate change economy pioneers in order to reinforce their competitiveness.

EcoAct is Associate Partner of Solutions COP21.

Thierry Fornas


Holding an engineering degree from ESIEE Paris and a HEC Executive MBA, he also studied at the University of Southampton and at the Instituto de Artes e Industrias Catolico in Madrid.

He began his career as a Projects Officer in a global oil group, holding this position for 4 years. Then, he gained 6 years of substantial experience with a major international player on semiconductor markets, where he notably contributed to the development of environmental strategies (Eco Pack and environmental procedures) and developed significant skills in sales and marketing.

Co-founder of EcoAct, Thierry specialises in CSR strategy and eco-innovation. He oversees the management of EcoAct’s skills centre teams.

Gerald Maradan


A graduate of HEC Business School with a Master of Business Administration, Gerald also holds an Engineer degree from Grenoble INP (Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble) and a Research Master’s degree in Physics from Toulouse INP. He had been working in the industry for over 7 years before creating EcoAct in 2005.

To date, he has coordinated around 75 consulting missions and has actively contributed to the development of more than 25 carbon offset programs including biomass, wind, methanisation and hydro projects as well as heat recovery, clean energy, improved cookstoves and REDD +.

A specialist in carbon offset and project development; he oversees the management of EcoAct’s communications and business development teams.