Les investisseurs déjà établis en Afrique considèrent qu’il s’agit de la région du monde la plus attractive. 66% d’entre eux estiment que le climat des affaire…

Eco Act (@eco_act on Twitter)’s insight:

Discover the white paper of LAB (Land of African Business), an event which took place during COP21, created by The Planet Workshops, with EcoAct as a founding partner! 

We were delighted to participate to the conference « The access to energy in Africa, a challenge » with Thierry Fornas (EcoAct), Michel Charleux (Engie), Mansoor Hamayun (BBOXX) and Minh Cuong Le Quan (GRET), moderated by Djamal Halawa (Afrique des idées).

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15 avril, 2016|