Get your CDP Report Ready for June 30th with EcoAct!

The deadline for submitting your CDP Report is quickly coming up. As an accredited CDP Climate Change Partner, EcoAct can provide CDP’s Response Check service to ensure the quality of your CDP Report submission.

Environmental disclosure is an enormous business opportunity, as recognized by an increasing number of businesses globally. Since 2010, the proportion of responding companies disclosing emissions reduction activities through CDP has grown from 47% to 89%.

In recognizing the tangible business benefits of disclosure and action, companies are raising their ambitions and taking meaningful steps to address climate change, deforestation and water security. This ensures their long-term sustainability and profitability, as well as equipping them to respond to regulatory and policy changes.

 CDP Response Check…

  • Is delivered by consultants trained by CDP to quickly identify and highlight areas of priority
  • Helps you avoid making mistakes that can hinder the completeness of your response
  • Enables you to easily prioritise the feedback provided by the consultants
  • Is helpful for new and experienced responders 

Contact by Friday, June 10th to schedule your CDP Response Check!