Gerald Maradan, EcoAct’s CEO, as a guest speaker for Carbon Expo 12th Conference!

Gerald Maradan will be participating to the session “EU ETS Turns 10: A New Beginning?” at Carbon Expo Conference on Thursday May 28th at 11:45 am.

Alongside prestigious panelists such as Peter Zapfel from the European Commission or Stig Schjølset from Thomson Reuters, EcoAct’s CEO will discuss the future of the EU ETS (Emissions Trading System) in sight of COP21 and innovative ways to give this model new momentum.

Join this high level plenary and exchange with the speakers!

EU ETS Turns 10: A New Beginning?
2015 marks the 10 year anniversary of the EU ETS (Emissions Trading System): after important challenges these last few years, is the worst now behind us?
The introduction of a Market Stability Reserve should address many of the inflexibilities that the EU ETS suffered from. Setting a target towards 2030 will help create an environment of confidence in the future of the EU’s climate and energy policies.
But will it be enough? Will the EU ETS be successful in driving Europe’s emission reductions cost-effectively or do we risk seeing its role undermined by other policies?
This plenary session will take stock of the lessons learnt from its recent difficulties and discuss examples from other cap-and-trade systems around the world. The panelists will look at how national or regional emissions trading systems may adapt to an increasing uptake of carbon pricing policies globally.
Date & Time: Thurs 28 May / 11:45-13:00