Calculate your environmental impact, redesign your business and innovate!

Combining expertise in both eco-design and web development, EcoAct assists and equips major corporations, medium businesses and federations throughout their eco-innovation process.

We dedicate our combined skills to our customers to conceive, develop and pilot collaborative, innovative and ergonomic solutions (turnkey Life Cycle Analysis platforms, eco-design simulations and scenarios, decision aid tools, etc.).

Creating 100% customised solutions, EcoAct provides consulting and support to climate change economy pioneers, to increase their competitiveness.

Evaluate your organisational carbon footprint and manage your initiative
Analyse your products’ life cycle and create eco-design scenarios
Estimate and manage social and economic impacts of your organisation or products

With Ecodev,

Follow and analyse your organisational carbon footprint

  • Manage your GHG emissions, from data collecting to promoting your actions 
  • Delegate data collection and follow each step of your project in real time
  • Access your account with a personal login from any computer, no installation required
  • Create scenarios and evaluate their climate performance

  • Customised modelling (via admin.)
  • Users’ rights administration
  • Contributions follow-up in real time
  • Users forum

  • Produce an inventory
  • Graphic display by heading and subheading
  • Assess global carbon footprint
  • Emissions follow-up (by comparison)

  • Recommendations on corrective actions
  • Creation of scenarios
  • Budgetisation of potential savings
  • Comparison of scenarios / reduction objectives

  • Online communication platform
  • Progress follow-up (project mode)
  • Management of key contributors
  • Centralisation of deliverables

  • Detail action plans for stakeholders
  • Produce automatic reports
  • Charts and synthetic tables
  • PDF, XLS, CSV, XML formats export

With LCA Box,

Maximise your production and easily reduce your environmental footprint

  • Manage each LCA step easily, regardless of your expertise level
  • Delegate data collection and use the information in real time
  • Benefit from the latest updates on emissions factors and produce automatic reports
  • Adapt LCABox to your profession and specificities to obtain a reliable, coherent and usable result

  • Customised modelling (via admin.)
  • Multi-levels classification
  • Contributors’ rights administration
  • Graphic customisation

  • Collaborative platform
  • Contributions’ follow-up in real time
  • Automatic notifications
  • Interoperability of data flows

  • Access the best databases
  • Control data coherence
  • Produce interactive charts
  • Catalog of products

  • LCA duplication
  • Shadow mode : LCA comparison
  • Scenarios archiving
  • Secured server back-up

  • Consolidation data
  • Produce regulatory reports
  • Comply to ISO 14.046, 14.021, 14.025
  • PDF, XLS, CSV, XML formats export

With social LCA*,

Evaluate the social footprint of your products and services, from raw materials extraction to disposal

  • Meet responsible consumers’ expectations
  • Improve your reputation by fostering a social dialogue with your stakeholders
  • Boost your performance while ensuring your partners’ well-being

  • Define your scope (limits of analysis)
  • Source your stakeholders
  • Evaluate your stakeholders’ influence (materiality matrix)
  • Formalise social and economic objectives

  • Define KPI* according to social stake and stakeholder type
  • Choose reference values (legitimacy / availability / sturdiness)
  • Create a performance scale according to KPI and stakes (stakeholders’ consultation)
  • Evaluate / agregate values by KPI, then by stakes

*KPI: Key Performance Indicators

  • Adapt materiality matrix to collected data (sturdiness)
  • Control coherence (sampling)
  • Weight and strengthen data by stakeholders’ type
  • Weight and strengthen data by product / service

  • Estimate uncertainties (collected qualitative and quantitative data)
  • Methodology update (weighting ratios and stakeholders types)
  • Standard deviation measure between objectives and product / stakeholders / stake / KPI
  • Mapping of multi-scale impacts (product / stakeholders / stake / KPI )

  • Source potential corrective actions
  • Prioritise actions (feasibility matrix / added value)
  • Design a communication plan
  • Contents writing

* : LCA can also be applied to an organisation

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