Sustainability 360°

Conduct and highlight your responsible strategy to enhance your performance!

For over 10 years, EcoAct has assisted major companies, small and medium businesses, and local governments with transforming their CSR strategy into a key to competitiveness.

EcoAct develops tools and helps its clients in turning change management into a performance lever (mapping and involving opinion-makers, co-construction of policies and governance, spreading messages, reputation management, etc).

Once again rewarded for their professionalism by Environmental Finance, the team of engineers and communications specialists combines every necessary skills for a built-in, organised and innovative management of CSR issues.

Conduct your CSR to secure your business and improve your performance
Assess your CSR actions to strengthen your strategy and generate added value
Assess climate risks to adapt your business
Identify your stakeholders and highlight your commitment through an appropriate speech

CSR Strategy

Boost your business by adding CSR to your value chain

  • Guarantee your tranquility in a competitive and unstable environment
  • Comprehend your present and future market more accurately
  • Highlight your knowledge and global performance

  • Internal self evaluation (CSR* maturity of your organisation)
  • Mapping of your stakeholders (opinion leaders, decision-makers, etc)
  • Competitive analysis (CSR perimeter – reports and website)
  • Analysis of standard deviation « organisation content / sector information »

* : CSR = Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Selection of an adapted analysis framework (sectorial, ISO 26000, etc)
  • Definition of differentiating criteria (competitors, costs, reputation, etc)
  • Data weighting according to differentiating criteria
  • Analysis and selection of priorities

  • Presenting your vision, perimeter, actions and strategic objectives
  • Building a chain of responsibilities and its interactions
  • Planning actions and their integration to daily operations
  • Preparing the implementation (assigning resources and responsibilities)

  • Organisation of workshops
  • Establishment of a pre-planning, search for partnerships and funding
  • Creation of actions tools
  • Speeches for decision-makers

  • Synthesis and sensitisation for CEO / Executive committee / Management committee
  • Customised awareness-raising campaigns and trainings (by profiles, sectors, etc)
  • Graphic design and editorial content (reports, press release, written content, etc)
  • Events management, web communication support, etc

CSR Reporting

Organise, collect and analyse your CSR indicators to ensure an optimal follow-up and an efficient management

  • Meet extra-financial analysts’ expectations
  • Benefit from a global and detailed view of your CSR projects’ progress
  • Simplify the follow-up of your return on investment

  • Analysis of your sector and its CSR specificities
  • Identify and prioritise your direct / indirect CSR stakes
  • Choice of reference framework (customised, adapted, standard – GRI*, etc)
  • Definition of primary key indicators (nature, units, scope)

* : GRI = Global Reporting Initiative

  • Collection of standard data according to main CSR issues
  • Assessment of collected indicators’ relevance
  • Pre-selection / aggregation of available and representative indicators
  • Assignment to major stakes and creation of additional indicators

  • Identification and sensitisation of qualified referents
  • Allocation of indicators to fill in
  • Definition of indicators’ reporting method and frequency
  • Setting up a data control process

  • Identification of specificities (structure, existing applications, etc)
  • Convertion of your needs into web functionalities
  • Adaptation of EcoAct technology and graphic integration
  • Training to use and manage the platform (for Board of directors)

  • Stakeholders’ sensitisation to your CSR approach
  • Training to use your CSR reporting platform (stakeholders)
  • Follow-up, hotline and moderation of your network
  • Data analysis and communication support

Climate risk

Assess climate risks to adapt your business

  • Ensure robust operations in a competitive and changing environment
  • Forecast the future market more accurately
  • Gain knowledge and increase global performance

  • Conception of general & specific rules for a climate risk assessment methodology
  • Elaboration of a tailored questionnaire
  • Analysis of questionnaire responses
  • Scoping note

  • Risk & opportunity analysis
  • Identification of sectoral risks
  • Weighting of sectoral risks
  • Risk mapping

  • Tailored climate projections
  • Scenario building
  • Dedicated climate risk factsheets
  • Conception of risks scorecards

  • Identification of key influencing factors
  • Prioritization of key influencing factors
  • Mapping of potential action levers
  • Elaboration of specific diagnosis

  • Costs & benefits evaluation of potential actions
  • Operational strategic note
  • Concrete recommendations (investment, …)
  • Tailored adaptation roadmap

Internal carbon pricing

Monitor your carbon strategy

  • Commit your team to climate issues
  • Integrate your green investments
  • Anticipate climate regulation

  • Defining scope and limitations
  • Data collection
  • Carbon footprint evaluation
  • Identification of primary sources of emissions

  • Benchmark of best practices
  • Sectorial analysis
  • Defining KPIs
  • Selection of meta approach (operational / transformational

  • Internal / external stakeholder consultation
  • Evaluation of priority actions ($ / CO2)
  • Weighting and mapping of priority actions
  • Conception of general and tailored action plan

  • Governance rules establishment
  • Integration of carbon pricing into your operational business strategy
  • Training of international actors
  • Operational support & communication

  • Building of a reporting process
  • General project management
  • Follow up of KPIs
  • Analysis & recommendations

Responsible Communication

Meet your stakeholders’ expectations, demonstrate your commitment and engage your partners

  • Highlight your CSR actions
  • Involve your stakeholders in your strategic development
  • Control your reputation, including social networks

  • Discussion on your objectives, targets and available means
  • Overview (information and available mediums)
  • Selection of a group of competitors / actions to study
  • Production of a list of indicators to benchmark

  • Elaborate an analysis grid and weighting of indicators
  • Source available competitive information (reports, websites, etc)
  • Mark available information according to stakes (analysis grid)
  • Map competitors per stakes and global synthesis

  • Assess your profile according to available information
  • Integrate your profile to the map of competitors
  • Analyse stakeholders’ mapping and identify differentiating positionning
  • Define the most relevant strategic positionning

  • Define potential strategic actions (sourcing and brainstorming)
  • Assess required resources (skills, budget, time)
  • Select eligible actions (feasibility / added value)
  • Plan actions and assign responsibilities a priori*

* : Approved / adjusted in follow-up meeting

  • Create actions’ reporting tools
  • Propose written contents and graphic designs
  • Support your project management, its implementation and promotion
  • Follow-up, assessment and recommendations (liaising with stakeholders, etc)

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