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Linking Climate Action and Sustainable Development Goals: EcoAct is Founding Partner of the Gold Standard 3.0 initiative

5 July, 2016|

EcoAct triple award winner for Environmental Finance

5 July, 2016|

Throwback on EcoAct’s 10th anniversary celebrations!

5 July, 2016|

60,000 cookstoves distributed in Kenya: A new success for climate mitigation

5 July, 2016|

​EcoAct, triple award winner for Environmental Finance

14 June, 2016|

EcoAct speaking at Carbon Expo 2016!

18 May, 2016|

Rankings @Enviro_Finance : Support @eco_act for 2016 annual survey!

7 April, 2016|

Dear friends, Each year, you have helped EcoAct win the Environmental Finance Award (Best Advisory Service 2015, Best Project Developer / Energy 2014, #2 Best Offset Retailer). Once more, we would like to call on your support for high quality carbon offsetting and insetting.

New tailored offer : Discover ICPP™!

21 March, 2016|

Upcoming events: Meet EcoAct!

21 March, 2016|

News from Climate Pal, in Kenya: What’s cooking?

18 March, 2016|