Climate finance: EcoAct joins the “Finance for Tomorrow” initiative

25 July, 2017|

The finance sector has a crucial role to play in the transition to a low-carbon economy. With the latest report from the OCDE, Investing in Climate, Investing in Growth, putting the financing required for the low-carbon transition at $6.9 trillion per year up to 2030, it is now crucial that funds are redirected with greater […]

EcoAct and Carbon Clear join forces to help businesses better manage climate change impacts

13 July, 2017|

The joining of the two companies will help businesses better manage their approach to climate change and sustainability by creating an international entity with expanded operations in Europe, North America and Africa.

EcoAct works with international clients to meet the demands of the Paris Climate Change Agreement, offering solutions to companies’ sustainability challenges. With the acquisition […]

Sustainable Development Goals: a strategic partnership with Gold Standard

12 July, 2017|

Gold Standard for the Global Goals is set to help those who fund life-changing climate and development projects around the world – including corporates, impact investors and government bodies – measure the full range of benefits they have contributed to and report credible, verified impacts to their customers and other stakeholders.

Established by WWF in 2003, […]

Environmental Finance: vote for the climate!

10 July, 2017|

Dear friend(s),

EcoAct needs your support, as it does every year!

The French government’s ambitious Climate Plan, announced on 6 July, reflects the urgent need for climate action.

For more than 10 years, EcoAct Group has provided companies and territories with unique expertise in planning for and implementing positive change in response to climate and carbon issues.

Against this […]