EcoAct has once again won multiple awards, thanks to client support, by Environmental Finance Voluntary Carbon Market Rankings in the 3 most prestigious categories.

Recognized every year for high quality work, EcoAct is proud to have been awarded in 2016 “the best” in 3 major categories:

– Best Advisory
– Best Project Developer Overall
– Best Project Developer – Energy Efficiency

This worldwide survey benefited from an exceptional participation and COP21’s influence, showing a growing interest for climate issues in day-to-day business.

Carbon has a cost. There is no way around it in climate change discussions. Yet, decarbonization is still misunderstood and perceived as a cost, as opposed to an opportunity for businesses to become more competitive and more resilient. EcoAct’s work is showing that a low carbon, yet thriving economy is possible.

EcoAct’s core value is to work with clients to decarbonize business” says Thierry Fornas, President. “This triple recognition received today is a great signal: first, it shows our clients are satisfied and that together, we can act for climate by recreating business. It also proves that being active on each of companies steps to achieve decarbonization (from assessing to reducing before offsetting carbon footprint) is a relevant strategy. Finally, it shows that, when well conducted,mitigating climate change is now a key performance indicator for companies”.

Recently, EcoAct has chosen to enrich its activity and created the Climate Club, providing tangible and effective solutions for a greener economy.

“We warmly thank you for your unfailing support.”